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Defy Cast Iron Griddel Pan B AGP 2001CB

R1 199.99

The Fine Living Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle with an actual cooking surface, serious enough to straddle either a campfire or two burners on your stovetop. The reversible feature, of this crowd-pleasing cooker, means you can use the smooth side for cooking flapjacks, eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ridged grill side for hamburgers, steaks and sausages. A slight slope drains fat into a generous grease gutter, and the two loop-style handles provide safe transport. Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching. It retains heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious meals warm for a long time. Measures: 51cm x 27cm x 2.3cm Made of cast iron This grill evenly distributes heat from the bottom through the sidewalls. Use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires. Some induction tops may not be compatible with double-burner griddles.